International Trade

International Trade

Lapidoth’s international trade activity (known as the Alpros group) is focused on consumer goods (apparel, sporting goods, footwear, outdoor goods, watches, accessories, jewelry) trade inside the European Union, and recently in Eastern Asia as well. Alpros’ clients are major retailers that benefit from Alpros’ ability to efficiently source branded goods at large quantities, with great reliability and to accurately deliver on time year after year. Alpros focuses on top grade merchandise of well known brands.

Since Lapidoth has acquired its majority stake in Alpros, The group has engaged in ongoing and comprehensive business development efforts that resulted in rapid growth from a turnover of Eur 10M in 2012 to Eur 60M in 2015. The group is expected to finish 2016 with sales of more than Euro 80M.


The group has created growth in 4 dimensions: 
1. Increasing the number of clients. This includes penetration into new geographical markets.

2. Increasing the products portfolio. This allows increasing sales to existing and new clients.

3. Extending the network of suppliers. This allows selling existing and new products in higher volumes to both existing and new clients.

4. Penetrating new categories of products. This allows diversifying the activities related to each existing client and opens new directions of growth in the future.



Top Properties of Alpros’s activity

• Extremely fast growth.

• No inventory risk- Back to back operation based on pre-orders

• Financially stable clients with virtually no credit risk. DSO of 30-35.

• Large market that is far from saturation.

• High entry barriers due to the extensive and unique sourcing and procurement networks that are required in this field.

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לפידות קפיטל בע”מ  

זימון לאסיפה כללית – 13-12-2020

לפידות קפיטל בע”מ (“החברה”)

מודעה בדבר כינוס אסיפה מיוחדת 14-7-2020

לפידות קפיטל בע”מ (“החברה”)

Annual Shareholders meeting to be held March 6th, 2017

On January 29th 2017 Lapidoth announced that it’s annual shareholders meeting will be held on

Scillex Debt settlement completed

On February 2, 2015, Scillex Debt settlement has been approved. Lapidoth takes control of the company.

Lapidoth takes control of Sunny Electronics

On August 13, 2015 a debt settalment in Sunny has been completed. Lpaidoth in now the controlling

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